Common Core Standards or Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines

We have been talking with my lead teacher about common core materials and how they are put together. We came to conclusion that there are pros and cons to common core standards.

Here are her common core for kindergarten grade on math, writing, reading and science.


  • Common Core Mathematics Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10 by Eureka Math a Story of Units, publisher – Jossey Bass A Wiley Brand


  • Persuasive Writing of All Kinds by Lucy Calkins and Elizabeth Dunford, publisher – Heinemann


  • Becoming Avid Readers by Lucy Calkins, Marjorie Martinelli and Christine Holley, publisher – Heinemann
  • IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment by American Reading Company 2015


  • Ecosystems: Rainforests Standards – Based Integrated Unit with Science and ELA (including GLAD) by Federal Way Public Schools and Next Generation Science Standards

These curriculums are used by my lead teacher. She really likes the math, reading and writing curriculum but the science seemed really challenging to her. In addition, there will be added one more unit to science curriculum and kindergarteners will have three units of science in a year.

Common core standards provide clear goals for all students around United States and they are the same no matter where you live in the country. The common core provide collaboration within states. The Washington State Early Learning Plan was created in 2010 and was made for the residents who need help make sure all children in our state have what they need to succeed in school and life.

For the last part I watched a video called “The debate over Common Core” by CBS News. Some pros for the common core is that it is organized and it sets goals for all students. In addition, common core is all around United States which means students can live anywhere and still get the education that other students in other states get. However, some cons are that common core standards are too high and unrealistic. What students learn in classrooms (common core) is not the same thing as state’s tests. Students are not prepared and the standards are too high for everyone. This is a problem because common core standards try to fit and line up every student by these standards and not every student can fit in these high standards.

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